2008/2009 Season Review


Here at impsTALK Towers, our team of world-class football comedians are always seeking out fresh, exciting and innovative ways to humiliate Boston, Boston United, Boston United’s players, Boston United’s staff, Boston United’s facilities, fans, websites, fanzines, opponents and, most importantly of all, Bob Blackburn, for the benefit our vast and sophisticated audience of nine people stumbling across the site while looking for adult material.

But like most things in its miserable life, impsTALK is frequently outwitted and out-thought by those capable of doing a better job than it, and the 08/09 season was no different. For this year, Boston United donned the funny cap and, with a deft comic touch sadly absent from these pages for several years now, treated us all to a richly entertaining display of such buffoonish incompetence that Tommy Cooper, were he not dead, would have been proud to call the work his own – and rightly so.

Still. We’d have had to take on the task of rounding up 08/09 at some point, so we might as well crack on and make a start. First up, we have Boston Standard’s crack newshound Duncan Rich Havana and United’s resident rocket scientist Dr Ken Fox answering our now world famous Ten Questions (or Nine Valid Questions, if you discount the now-obsolete question about Steve Welsh’s future as the manager). And if you fancy having a bash at them yourself, feel free to have a go and e-mail them to us at the usual address.

Ten Questions….. Duncan Browne
Boston’s premier hack gets stuck into our Ten Questions.

Ten Questions….. Ken Fox
Dr Fox reckons this season wasn’t as bad as THAT season. You know, the one where HE was in charge.

Ten Questions….. Johnny Chapman
Johnny’s thoughts on the 2008/2009 disaster.

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