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Popular Pilgrims’ kitman locks himself in boardroom, sends Ellender to Alfreton – Evans: I’m in control. Repeat, I’m in control – Policeman powerless to act In stunning scenes, ruthless Boston United kitman Jason Hatfield this evening stepped into the power vacuum created by Steve Evans’ and John Blackwell’s mysterious ‘shopping trip’ in London to seize […]

‘Morbid curiosity’ expected to pull big audience

‘Morbid curiosity’ expected to pull big audience Ghoulish sightseers have long gorged themselves on explicit videos of beheadings, shooting, bombings, executions, shotgun suicides and huge nose tumours, but tomorrow they will have another horrorshow to feast their eyes on: Boston entertaining Lincoln City at the Staffsmart Arena™ (k.o 7.45pm). After announcing, exclusively to impsTALK yesterday, […]

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