2021/2022 Season Recap: Johnny Chapman

Here we are – the last of the 2021/2022 season recaps. Last up is Johnny Chapman, who I accidentally ignored at Matlock before finally catching up with at Gloucester, where he told me I’d overpaid for my train tickets by about thirty quid. Summed up the day to be honest. And do I need to tell you who Johnny’s favourite player of the season was? I don’t think I do. So, for one last time… here’s the best and worst of the season.

My favourite moment of the season was…

The very first game at Matlock. Seeing people I hadn’t met for18 months, both ones I speak to and ones I just know by sight, was great. I didn’t particularly concentrate on the game, just catching up with mates.

My player of the season was…

Shane Byrne. Can we keep him please?

My goal of the season was…

I didn’t go to that many games and so didn’t see that many goals. Of those, Byrne’s free kick at Curzon was probably the best technically whilst Danny Elliott’s first at Fylde the most timely. But my favourite goal, a combination of both these qualities, was Elliott’s at Farsley. He might have finished at close range but it still required decent skill to be in the place at the right time. However the real work was done by Scott Duxbury – when he closed down the defender by the corner flag, I was just hoping he wouldn’t give away a free kick and that he might just get us a throw in. But he somehow won the ball cleanly and then put a good cross in. That second goal meant we didn’t need to worry about our result and instead could concentrate on worrying how Kettering were getting on.

My favourite away trip of the season was…

Probably Gloucester – clearly the game was poor but it was one of my first long away days of the season and my first post-match pints with friends since Carshalton. And I arrived home to new guinea pigs!

I really wish I hadn’t bothered going to…

Nowhere. Even when we got thrashed at Southport, I saw the sea and enjoyed the museum’s 1980s exhibition. As I said above, it was just good to go to the match again.

Danny Elliott celebrates his goal at Farsley [Photo: Oliver Atkin]
Danny Elliott celebrates his goal at Farsley [Photo: Oliver Atkin]

I think our first proper season at the JCS was…

I haven’t been often enough to have an informed opinion, but I note the attendances held up

If I could retract one furiously held opinion I had during the season, it’d be…

That even if we got to the playoffs, we wouldn’t do anything when we got there. Mind you, at that point my last three away games had been Southport, Gloucester and Alfreton.

If we’re going to get promoted next season, Paul Cox has to…

Get his own players in – he did pretty well with someone else’s

If Boston United could improve one thing off the field next season, it’d be…

Obviously, build the fourth stand. Easier to do is offer the programme subscription as a PDF as well as paper copies. I don’t think that happened last season – I didn’t see it advertised anyway – but I’d quite like that.

My realistic hope for 2022/2023 is…

From my limited knowledge, I’d expect the teams coming into the league to be weaker than those leaving, so aiming for the title rather than the playoffs seems realistic.

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A huge thank you to all those who contributed to the season recaps – it had been a while since ToD ran any of these (probably last done in the impsTALK days) and it was great to get a few new names involved. Same time next year?

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