Great Short Term Emergency Loan Deals Of Our Time: Luke McCormick

#1 – Luke McCormick

Debutant ‘keeper Luke McCormick

Who the hell is he?
Luke McCormick is a goalkeeper from Coventry. Yes, yes. Coventry. Don’t let that cloud your judgement.

When did he sign?

Why did we want him?
Signed as cover for Nathan Abbey, who suffered a finger injury just after Evans told Paul Bastock to fuck off and die. McCormick made his debut for Boston United in the defeat against Notts County.

What the boss said
“I am indeed grateful to my long-term mate Bobby Williamson. I have seen Luke play on a number of occasions last season as he helped Plymouth win the league championship. I am confident that Luke McCormick will be an adequate replacement”

What we said
“He’s a left-winger, isn’t he?”

Was he any good?
Yes. Not that he had much of an opportunity to show off his obvious talents over his whole two appearances.

What happened to him after he left?
McCormick is now firmly established as Plymouth Argyle’s number one and is generally regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in The Championship.

(EDIT – The above was written prior to McCormick’s involvement in a pretty terrible traffic accident on the way home from David Norris’ wedding, an accident so awful that not even we’re going to attempt to make light of it)

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